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When things were at their worst, Paul and I listened to one chapter each day with our morning coffee. 

The gentle wisdom and insights Brian Tracy delivers were uplifting and specific. His wordss kept us moving forward in our struggle to "bounce back".


Project Professionalism & Confidence

with Theresa Thomas

You can take away everything I have, and I will still bounce back.  Entrepreneurs are fiercely independent and creative problem solvers.  Learn about the entrepreneurial mindset and create your own success story....

We have only one chance to make a good first impression. What are the most important things we can do to put our best foot forward when meeting someone new?  Learn some simple ways to project professionalism and confidence.

Join as we learn about the Healing Properties of Yoga, with Katie Sheldon Allen and Allison Martin Prince, Co-Founders of  Be The Change Yoga Studio, in Irvine.

Recent Episodes

Wellness & Yoga

A Holistic Approach 
Be the Change Yoga         with Katie and Allison

Your True Calling

Finding the Work You Were Meant to Do...

with Julie LaCroix

The 5 Choices

Busy vs. Productive
with Franklin Covey         author: Kory Kogon

Small Change - Big Impact

Listen each week as Bonnie and Katrina interview thought leaders, and experts in Positive Psychology, Productivity, Doctors, Coaches and Counselors. We will ask them to share some of their most practical and effective tools for success.

Keeping a healthy balance in our work, relationships and personal health can take some effort.  Some very small changes can make a big impact. Whether it's building stronger relationships, being a better leader or parent or simply shedding a few pounds you will find inspiration here. 

On Dying: 

and Living with Purpose

with Morning Star Holmes

When we plan for aging and dying; we free ourselves to live more fully every day. Join us for an uplifting conversation with end of life coach and trainer Morning Star Holmes, author of Transitional Wisdom: Guide to Healthy Aging and Dying.

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Hosts:  Bonnie Henderson and Katrina Clayton

Just because you are busy, does not mean you are productive.  Join us as we speak with author and keynote speaker for Franklin Covey, the world's leading trainer in time management and productivity skills.

Forgiveness is more than simply letting go of anger, it’s about renewing and restoring our relationships!  Join us as Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre describes the steps to forgive and rebuild relationships.

The more you can understand anger, the faster you will be able to do something about it.  Dr. Novick will discuss some of the reasons for anger and ways we can all get a grip on negative emotions.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has captured the attention of the scientific community, medical practitioners, and psychologists; with proven applications in mainstream clinical settings.  Here is why....

Not many people are born with a calling.  Most of us have to look for our calling… the search is part of the fun of our life journey.  Join us as we ask Julie LaCroix how we can tap into our talents and find meaningful work.


Creating Your Own Success Story

with Darren Sugiyama